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Secondary Campus General Permission to Publish and Disclose Information

Please fill in a separate form confirming your consent/ permission for each child. 

Sathya Sai College is seeking your permission to publish and/or disclose information about your child for the purposes of sharing his/her experiences with other students, informing the school and broader community about school and student activities and recording student participation in noteworthy projects or community service.

This information may include your child’s name, age, class and information collected at school such as photographs, sound and visual recordings of your child, your child’s work and expressions of opinion such as in interactive media.

The communications in which your child’s information may be published or disclosed include but are not limited to:

  • Publications including the school website, school newsletter, annual school report, promotional material published in print and electronically.
  • Official school social media accounts on networks such as Facebook or YouTube.
  • Local and metropolitan newspapers and magazines and other media outlets

Parents should be aware that when information is published on public websites and social media channels, it can be discoverable online for a number of years, if not permanently. Search engines may also cache or retain copies of published information. Published information can also be linked to by third parties.

Licensed under NEALS: If permission is given, the copyright works of your child will be made available to other government and not for profit, non-government schools in Australia which are members of the National Education Access License for Schools (NEALS). This means that other schools may reproduce and communicate my child’s copyright works.

A confirmation email will be sent
A confirmation email will be sent
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