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Primary Co-Curriculars

Musical Ensembles

Small group violin, cello and recorder ensembles are offered by our music teacher, Mrs Oakley-Grant. These groups can have up to 5 students of similar ability, collaborating and learning their specialist instrument. Each year these groups perform to the school at assemblies and end of year performances, and in the wider community and the Murwillumbah Festival of Performing Arts and Gold Coast Eisteddfod. 


Sporting opportunities are offered throughout the course of the year for both individual and team events. There are NCIS (North Coast Independent Schools), CIS (Combined Independent Schools) and All schools pathways for those students and teams who excel in their performance.  

Each year, Primary Campus Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals are held. These carnivals give students the chance to experience a range of sporting opportunities whilst displaying sporting values.  

Creative Art & Dance

Every second year the Primary Campus hosts a school performance where months of practice and preparation is put on show by our students in a creative, dramatic and musical production.  

There is also the opportunity for students to join our school dance group. The group practices weekly for most of the year and performs at key events such as the Friendship Festival and Presentation Day. 


Our school library is well stocked with a range of the latest books and the classics. The space also hosts a class set of computers and ample room for lessons.  

Teachers will take their class to library each week to borrow and read the books available, to use a different space to teach from or utilise the technology available for research and publishing.  

Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability is at the forefront of our actions at school. A select group of students form a Sustainability Committee each year and are in charge of monitoring, maintaining and promoting sustainability in the school.  

Bird’s Eye View is another extra curricular group that students can join where they explore different themes and natural landscapes within the school and local area. Students are given the opportunity to engage in practical experiments and activities 

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